Habits and routines to save the day

This was a good week so far. I’m starting to get in the habit of doing things every day again, and seeing things get finished is a great motivator. A good to-do list and some routine really can do miracles.

I’m keeping a very neat weekly to-do list and it really helps me focus in what need to get done next. I got all my work related tasks done, and managed to squeeze extra time for writing and language practice. Not going to lie, the pleasure of striking things out is a big part of it. 😀


  • Wrote all days, got almost 2k written this week so far. And, more important, started working in a Stiry I was procrastinating on and turns out to be really fun to write after I started.
  • 3 drabbles done.
  • Started the net one

Quick update

Today I just have a very quick update, last week was very uneventful. It’s too hot to do anything but seating by the pool and not moving… Summer is making me lazy! But it does make me read a lot, the whole not moving thing is a great incentive. 😀


  • I didn’t write much this week. Very fail from my part, just played around with some future ideas, but no word count progress in the main project, ans just a couple hundred words in the secondary one.
  • Finished my book. Now time to pick a new one

2015 and another ROW!


Here we go again! New year and all the feelings of fresh start that come with it. This is second time I join this challenge, I didn’t do so good last time, but I feel like this time around I have a better idea of what I can actually accomplish in a 80 days time frame. So, without any more detours, goals for this round:


  • Write 55 of those 80 days (more or less 2/3).
  • Get 30k of fiction on paper. (Paper, screen… you get the idea!)


  • Work on the HL short stories.  have no idea of how long those will be yet, so it’s harder to try to predict how far in it I will get.
  • Write 30 drabbles for 100 Drabbles Challenge.


  • Keep a journal.
  • Read 4 books.

And that is it. Good luck to everyone! 😀

Quick update

Today I only have a quick update that things are going well this week. It had been a while since I started anything completely new and long. I missed the feeling.


  • I worked exclusively in the NaNo novel this last few days. First finishing planning and then actually writing. Curent word count 6,3k of 50k.
  • I got a lot of things sorted out in the huge backlog of unnamed documents. I think I have passed the halfway point now.
  • Failed hard to read anything this week.

NaNo is near!

It’s almost November and NaNoWriMo is here. This means I need to double my word count goal, 2k instead of 1k, so I can reach 50k and keep a few free days in the month. Experience has taught me that I really need those free days. I want to finish this novel during the month, what might be more than 50K, but let’s see how it goes.

I have a little planning (just a little) and chocolate. What could go wrong?

Progress Report!

  • I finished one short story this week and edited another one, on total, I wrote 3k this and edited another 4k. Could be a little better.
  • I’m not reaching my word count goal for the month, not sure yet how behind I will end the month but I’m happy in general. The days I did manage to work are productive, I just skipped too many days.
  • I’m very behind in the things I actually planned to write, I keep getting distracted and working on something else instead. This way I just end up with 20 work in progress at the same time! I need to focus.
  • No progress in the computer files clean up of doom this week.
  • Almost done reading book 1 of 5.

A Round of Words in 80 Days!


I discovered about this challenge a few days ago and decided to give it a try. So, here it goes, without any actual planning or preparation, my goals for the next 80 days!

  • The Goal: Write 100k of fiction.
    • This means 25k in october, 50k in november and 25k in december.
    • The intention is to write 1k every day during october and december, with 5 days off. And a mad dash for NaNo because I honestly find it tons of fun.
  • The Projects:
    • Finish the second draft of A Tale of Two Girls – I’m not counting words here, it’s revision and it’s already half way done.
    • Write anthology submission – 15k
    • Write Unexpected Change – 50k (This is my NaNo novel. I’m not focusing in the 50k goal but in getting to the end and I suspect it might end up being more than 50k actually)
    • Rough draft for 3 short stories (small town series) – each one from 10k to 15k
  • Some extras:
    • Organize my dump file, look at half written ideas to see if it’s worth keep going.
    • Read 5 books.

I’m not sure how doable all this is in that time frame actually. I’m not used to keep track of what gets done and when and I might be completely off here, but I want to give the challenge a try anyway.