2014 in review, sort of

In general, 2014 was not a good year. I hit a weird funk right at the beginning if it and kind spiraled in terrible moods, depression and feeling bad about myself. I’m now starting to get better, in the last couple of months, after almost a year.

Besides that I met some really nice people around April that really helped with making this year bearable. And I’m thankful for having them in my life.

I started and failed at finishing a lot of things this year. I always was bad at focusing and seeing things through. This was very true this year.

In a way, I’m more lost now than I was at this point last year. But I feel better about it, I’m no longer lying to myself about it.

For 2015 I wish a better year, more focus, and that I finally manage to crawl out of this hole I am right now.

Happy 2015!


About the beach

I just came back from a impromptus holliday on the beach. I had 10 days off work last week, and had planned on spending them in freelance jobs and organizing my life. All the planning went out of the window with the insane heat wave that reached us and a friend invite to spend a few days at her beach house. A few days turned out to be all my free days.

Due thisĀ oh very cruel destiny, I didn’t manage to get much of what I had planned done. It’s surprisingly hard go inside to write in a 37 celsius heat and the pool right there. But it did helped me come up with a bunch of new ideas, not only plot related, but about what are my goals for the next months and even years.

There is something about being away from home that alway kick my mind in a different gear, it makes me slow down and speed up at the same time in a way that I really enjoy. Priorities always become more clear when I’m not neck deep in small problems. Breaking the inertia of routine is the best way to take a step back and look at the big picture for me.

The beach specifically has an incredible effect in recharging my battery, all the sun and ocean and sitting around semi naked thinking about life. It grounds me back, bring my focus back to what really matters, and open my mind for new possibilities. I always come back ready to kill three lions before breakfast. I have to remember to get away from the city more often.

Now, to talk about goals and progress:

  • With that scaped I already cashed all my off days in October, and I’m actually in a debt of 5k words to reach my month goal. But I still have hope to catch up before november starts.
  • I finished my revision of A Tale of Two Girls. I need a little space from it now, before I can judge if it’s ready for beta or need another round.
  • I made a good start in cleaning up my computer files, found some really interesting things lost around my hard drive, still a considerable amount of mess to sort out.
  • Halfway through book 1 of 5.