One week in, nothing is on fire yet

That was a weird first week. In one hand I dedicated a very small amount of time to writing, but I did make some really good progress on the time I did seat my butt down and worked.

In general, it was a sort of productive week, but I could have done more. (I really need to finish Dragon Age already so it will let me go freeee! XD)

Progress so far:

  • Worked 3 days this week, 2 short of my 5 days a week goal. Got very few words written, but I plotted and outlined the short story I want to work on next. It is a romance and I’m really looking forward to starting writing it for real, the few scenes I already have were very fun to create.
  • Started a new book, A Hero at the End of the World By Erin Claiborne. So far it’s good, I’m not completally in love but it’s entertaining.
  • Journal is doing great, I missed writing on paper.

Dragon Age ate my soul!

I had a very well defined plan of what I intended to do in my break. I had goals! I was going to exercise! And then my roomate acquired the new Dragon Age… I don’t think I’m living my apartament for the next week. XD

Progress Report!

  • I didn’t make much progress word count wise, but I did write all days but one. I end up making a much more detailed outline than what I thought I would do, so that slowed me down, but I’m happy with my progress.
  • Wrote in my journal all days and about relevant stuff. \o/
  • I’m not reading anything right now, everything in my to-read pile looks kinda boring. I suspect I need a trip to the bookstore for some new books.

2015 and another ROW!


Here we go again! New year and all the feelings of fresh start that come with it. This is second time I join this challenge, I didn’t do so good last time, but I feel like this time around I have a better idea of what I can actually accomplish in a 80 days time frame. So, without any more detours, goals for this round:


  • Write 55 of those 80 days (more or less 2/3).
  • Get 30k of fiction on paper. (Paper, screen… you get the idea!)


  • Work on the HL short stories.  have no idea of how long those will be yet, so it’s harder to try to predict how far in it I will get.
  • Write 30 drabbles for 100 Drabbles Challenge.


  • Keep a journal.
  • Read 4 books.

And that is it. Good luck to everyone! 😀

Procrastination as an art form

I have really hit a rough patch. I’m trying to pull of it but the last two weeks has been terrible in a lot of ways. Lots of annoying but necessary work to get done on job, exhausting meetings and family woes. I have mostly abandoning my novel and spiraled down a guilt x procrastination spiral again.

This always happens. Every time I fail at getting what I planned to do finished I feel so guilt that I start to procrastinate even when I have the time. Like if I can’t get everything I wanted done, it’s better not get anything at all done. And when I look at my calendar I realise that I have wasted 2 weeks trying to come up if that perfect time for writing and not actually writing anything.

I think it’s time to reassess what is actually possible and commit to  small steps before I build up to what I was used to do. It’s a little bit like trying to go back to your old workout program after a long break. This way only lies frustration and sore muscles!

That will be my goal for the next feel days. Plan around what I can do now and not what I was able to do a year ago.

Real Life Woes and Inspiration

I had a couple of terrible day this week so far. I didn’t managed to get almost anything done and end up behind in my word count. Mostly due to a couple of problems in my real life. I need to find a better way to deal with things than pretending they are not happening. This whole denial thing is getting out of control.

Some people say they can use their problems to write, they can put it on paper. I never managed to grasp how to do that. All that stress and sadness manage to do is make miserable and unmotivated, and it’s so hard to push through it to go back to a stable place.

I’m not the kind of person that wait around for inspiration, I usually can find it just fine after a couple minutes staring at the blank page, but when I’m in one of those weird moods it’s like I forgot how to put ideas together completely. I hope I can go back to back to a good place soon.

Quick update

Today I only have a quick update that things are going well this week. It had been a while since I started anything completely new and long. I missed the feeling.


  • I worked exclusively in the NaNo novel this last few days. First finishing planning and then actually writing. Curent word count 6,3k of 50k.
  • I got a lot of things sorted out in the huge backlog of unnamed documents. I think I have passed the halfway point now.
  • Failed hard to read anything this week.

NaNo is near!

It’s almost November and NaNoWriMo is here. This means I need to double my word count goal, 2k instead of 1k, so I can reach 50k and keep a few free days in the month. Experience has taught me that I really need those free days. I want to finish this novel during the month, what might be more than 50K, but let’s see how it goes.

I have a little planning (just a little) and chocolate. What could go wrong?

Progress Report!

  • I finished one short story this week and edited another one, on total, I wrote 3k this and edited another 4k. Could be a little better.
  • I’m not reaching my word count goal for the month, not sure yet how behind I will end the month but I’m happy in general. The days I did manage to work are productive, I just skipped too many days.
  • I’m very behind in the things I actually planned to write, I keep getting distracted and working on something else instead. This way I just end up with 20 work in progress at the same time! I need to focus.
  • No progress in the computer files clean up of doom this week.
  • Almost done reading book 1 of 5.