Habits and routines to save the day

This was a good week so far. I’m starting to get in the habit of doing things every day again, and seeing things get finished is a great motivator. A good to-do list and some routine really can do miracles.

I’m keeping a very neat weekly to-do list and it really helps me focus in what need to get done next. I got all my work related tasks done, and managed to squeeze extra time for writing and language practice. Not going to lie, the pleasure of striking things out is a big part of it. 😀


  • Wrote all days, got almost 2k written this week so far. And, more important, started working in a Stiry I was procrastinating on and turns out to be really fun to write after I started.
  • 3 drabbles done.
  • Started the net one

One week in, nothing is on fire yet

That was a weird first week. In one hand I dedicated a very small amount of time to writing, but I did make some really good progress on the time I did seat my butt down and worked.

In general, it was a sort of productive week, but I could have done more. (I really need to finish Dragon Age already so it will let me go freeee! XD)

Progress so far:

  • Worked 3 days this week, 2 short of my 5 days a week goal. Got very few words written, but I plotted and outlined the short story I want to work on next. It is a romance and I’m really looking forward to starting writing it for real, the few scenes I already have were very fun to create.
  • Started a new book, A Hero at the End of the World By Erin Claiborne. So far it’s good, I’m not completally in love but it’s entertaining.
  • Journal is doing great, I missed writing on paper.

2015 and another ROW!


Here we go again! New year and all the feelings of fresh start that come with it. This is second time I join this challenge, I didn’t do so good last time, but I feel like this time around I have a better idea of what I can actually accomplish in a 80 days time frame. So, without any more detours, goals for this round:


  • Write 55 of those 80 days (more or less 2/3).
  • Get 30k of fiction on paper. (Paper, screen… you get the idea!)


  • Work on the HL short stories.  have no idea of how long those will be yet, so it’s harder to try to predict how far in it I will get.
  • Write 30 drabbles for 100 Drabbles Challenge.


  • Keep a journal.
  • Read 4 books.

And that is it. Good luck to everyone! 😀