Quick update

Today I just have a very quick update, last week was very uneventful. It’s too hot to do anything but seating by the pool and not moving… Summer is making me lazy! But it does make me read a lot, the whole not moving thing is a great incentive. 😀


  • I didn’t write much this week. Very fail from my part, just played around with some future ideas, but no word count progress in the main project, ans just a couple hundred words in the secondary one.
  • Finished my book. Now time to pick a new one

Baby steps

I started working in my novel again, small word count goal for now. I have reached that point where you really hate all your characters and plot. But it’s moving ahead. \o/

I also started poking at an old project. Reworking the plot, and expanding it. I think it will end up being a series. I’m excited about it.


  • I got 500 words written every day this week.
  • I finished reading book 1 of 5.
  • Almost done on old files clean up.