Baby steps

I started working in my novel again, small word count goal for now. I have reached that point where you really hate all your characters and plot. But it’s moving ahead. \o/

I also started poking at an old project. Reworking the plot, and expanding it. I think it will end up being a series. I’m excited about it.


  • I got 500 words written every day this week.
  • I finished reading book 1 of 5.
  • Almost done on old files clean up.

One thought on “Baby steps

  1. Ooh, old files clean-up. That’s quite a daunting task! I have decades of old files still lurking on this computer, that I really need to go through and scrub the ones I don’t need anymore. Maybe I’ll add that as a goal for the next Round?
    As for your writing, HOORAY! You wrote every day! I may usually get a lot more than 500 words, but I had not been writing for most of the past week, so you’re doing better than I was! Congratulations!

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