Procrastination as an art form

I have really hit a rough patch. I’m trying to pull of it but the last two weeks has been terrible in a lot of ways. Lots of annoying but necessary work to get done on job, exhausting meetings and family woes. I have mostly abandoning my novel and spiraled down a guilt x procrastination spiral again.

This always happens. Every time I fail at getting what I planned to do finished I feel so guilt that I start to procrastinate even when I have the time. Like if I can’t get everything I wanted done, it’s better not get anything at all done. And when I look at my calendar I realise that I have wasted 2 weeks trying to come up if that perfect time for writing and not actually writing anything.

I think it’s time to reassess what is actually possible and commit to  small steps before I build up to what I was used to do. It’s a little bit like trying to go back to your old workout program after a long break. This way only lies frustration and sore muscles!

That will be my goal for the next feel days. Plan around what I can do now and not what I was able to do a year ago.


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